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Get Control of Your Eating Habits Without Restrictive Dieting and Change Your Relationship with Food Permanently

How Lisa Works

If you’ve come to this site you have clearly been struggling with weight for some time. You’ve probably been on and off fad diets your whole life and wishing there was another way. If you are looking for an alternative to a fad diet you have come to the right place.

The vast majority of people I see have been battling with weight for many years and living in an almost constant state of frustration. This is one thing that weight loss diets will guarantee is that you will be frustrated and possibly miserable and guilty too.

Weight loss is one thing but what happens after that? Usually weight regain; research tells us there are not many people that can sustain the weight they have lost, so you are not alone. Where as what I have developed is system for weight control, because really control of food, emotions and our habits all lead to controlling our weight. Weight Control is a means of creating freedom from frustration and guilt. Weight control is a long term solution to your weight issues.

Motivation and will power are the two ingredients most sought by dieters; they incorrectly assume these are the keys to success. The thing we see with our clients is they get over this hump and can finally see freedom from diets, the alternative – a new lifestyle where they are free from the stress and guilt of dieting and they feel compelled to eat well and exercise. They reach a point where they couldn’t live any other way.

If you think this sounds like what you are after and you’d like some help; don’t hesitate to be in touch either to make an appointment or to ask a few burning questions, then we can get underway with your new lifestyle.

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Lisa specialises in

Weight loss

Weight loss is tricky. Do diets work? How do you get the weight you lose to stay off? Often people have struggled with weight loss and weight regain all their lives and are desperate to be at peace around food. Lisa specialises in helping people understand a new way of thinking and new habits around food and their weight loss attempts. Lisa has expertise in the psychology behind weight loss and will help you get over the barriers that continue to trip you up and then to create new helpful habits.

Healthy Eating

Confused about what is healthy? You are not alone. Thanks to the media and internet, people are more confused than ever. One thing that is certain if you start dieting or restricting food groups, you are heading down the wrong track! Checking in with an Accredited weight loss Nutritionist is a smart move, to ensure your food intake is nutritionally adequate and that your new habits are sustainable.

Heart disease, cholesterol management, lowering blood pressure

Heart disease, cholesterol management, lowering blood pressure: These are all conditions that benefit from eating well. If you have existing heart disease or a number of risk factors then checking in with a dietitian could be a life saver. Lisa works with people which means she doesn’t tell you what to do – this is a two-way conversation to make sure you keep the lifestyle you love and improve your health.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Food Intolerances

Bloated? Diarrhoea? Constipation? If you have gut issues Lisa can take you through a low FODMAP diet challenge to investigate which foods may be causing your troubles. The results of going on this diet can be life changing for sufferers.


Lisa has 17 years’ experience helping people to manage both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Lisa is a DAFNE facilitator (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) and has expertise in carbohydrate counting and insulin adjustment for people with Type 1 diabetes. Lisa has an extensive knowledge of Type 2 diabetes and prides herself on ensuring that all people with diabetes understand how they can help improve their blood sugar levels and most importantly still enjoy their life and food.

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Lisa has written two books to provide strategies for healthy eating and living an active lifestyle. She also recognises the importance of educating your children to develop a healthy relationship with food and their body.

Body Warfare

A ‘how’ to book for frustrated dieters looking to find the secret to motivation. It provides tools to undo a lifetime of poor eating habits; putting in place strategies for sustainable weight loss.

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Diet Proof Your Kids

This book is an important resource for any parent however particularly those who have an unhealthy or unhappy relationship with food or their body are are worried they may pass on these unhelpful habits to their children.

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17 years experience in community health and as a private practising Dietitian for weight loss in Melbourne.

Lisa's areas of expertise include:
Weight loss
Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)
Heart disease management
Healthy eating
Creating new healthy, sustainable lifestyles



Lisa is a motivating and inspiring speaker and is available for bookings at your next event. If a focus on health, work life balance and wellness is a priority for your staff Lisa can provide easy to implement, down to earth advice that creates actionable change to improve the health of your employees.

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1How is a dietitian different from other experts such as naturopaths, personal trainers and nutritionists?
A dietitian has had at least 4 years of accredited university training specifically around nutrition science and is eligible for membership of the dietitian’s Association of Australia. Dietitians look at whole foods as well as individual micronutrients to create healthy eating plans for individual conditions – we use food more than we would ever use supplements. Our recommendations are based on research rather than the latest trends in dieting and eating. A dietitian can also call themselves a nutritionist however a nutritionist cannot call themselves a dietitian.
2What is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)?
An APD is a dietitian who undertakes 30 hours of targeted professional development each year to ensure they are up to date with the advances in nutrition science and is also subject to random audit by the Dietitian’s Association of Australia (DAA).
3Who can see a dietician?
Anyone can see a dietitian if they have a need or desire to improve their diet, eating habits or meal planning; either for good health or because of a medical condition.
4Do I need a referral from my GP to see a dietitian?
No, you can refer yourself or family member or you can be referred by your GP or other health professional.
5Can I claim my dietitian session on my private health insurance?
Yes, if you have extras cover that includes dietetics. Check with your individual health insurer about the rebate you would receive for each appointment.
6How long are the sessions?
An initial assessment takes one hour. This allows the dietitian to get all the relevant details and issues and provide a considered plan for you. A review session is 30 minutes as we follow up your progress, provide further information and discuss the next steps.
7What are the cost of the sessions?
A one hour initial appointment is $140 and the thirty minute review is $80. We do have concession rates for those on a pension.
8How many sessions will I need?
This is a difficult question to answer as everyone has different needs. The minimum would be two sessions to gather information and check your progress and answer follow up questions. However if you want to make some long term changes to your diet, health or weight then this will take more appointments. There is evidence to suggest the longer you see a dietitian the better results you get. For weight loss it would be usual to have five appointments initially with the option to extend this to increase the likelihood of maintaining the changes you have made. Often my clients choose to keep checking in as they don’t want to undo all the good work they have done. It’s happened too many times in the past where they regain all the weight they lost as they are no longer accountable so they wisely keep in touch in the longer term. Once you have your initial issues sorted it is useful to check in every 3-6 months to keep you accountable and on track with your health goals as well as up to date with changes in nutrition information.
1How often will my appointments be?
This is dependent on how confident you are to make the changes we discuss in the appointment. If you feel it will be no problem, then the appointments may be a month apart and gradually get longer apart. If the changes are more challenging and you require more support then weekly or fortnightly appointments would be most beneficial.
2Will I be given a meal plan?
Many people feel a meal plan is what they need – “just tell me what to eat!” A one size fits all eating plan is a short term fix and not much better than a diet. What you will receive is a plan which takes into account your lifestyle and food preferences. It’s funny, people who ask for a meal plan, in the next breath usually say, “I eat pretty well, my real problem is…” Rest assured you will be given advice about your real problem not simply a meal plan.
3What will I get from my dietitian appointment?
You will undergo a thorough assessment of your diet, activity levels and lifestyle. You will be listened to and asked questions to ensure an in-depth understanding of your circumstances. You will have your questions answered and have difficult health and nutrition concepts explained in user friendly terms you can understand. You will receive practical information and a plan of action when you leave the session.
4What is an EPC plan or a TCA from my GP?
EPC stands for Enhanced Primary Care plan and TCA is a Team Care Arrangement. This basically means an arrangement between the GP, the dietitian and you. Medicare Australia has allowed GPs to refer to allied health practitioners when they have a patient with a chronic health condition. This scheme allows a person with a chronic health condition, like diabetes, to have five visits per calendar year shared over all health providers. For example you may have three appointments with a dietitian, one with a physio and one with a podiatrist = five appointments for the year. This enables you to get a rebate from Medicare like you would from your private health; the current rebate for a dietitian appointment is $52.95.
5Can I use Medicare and private health rebate for the one appointment?
You cannot use Medicare and your private health in the one appointment however you can start with Medicare and then if you choose to continue to see the dietitian you can use your private health insurance for follow up sessions.
6I'm trying to lose weight, what will you do?
What your weight loss program will include:
  • Individualised plan for eating which considers your busy lifestyle and family needs.
  • Individualised attention to your particular food issues and habits. It’s no good just telling you what to eat… you already know what you “should” be doing. It’s about finding out why you use food the way you do.
  • Focus on changing your bad food habits forever not just in the short term.
  • Teaching you how to plan your meals.
  • Learn about label reading and what’s really important to look for.
  • Learn how to modify recipes and to know what is healthy and what’s not going to help with weight loss.
  • Education about portion size and eating out.
The Body Warfare philosophy is that although diets work in the short term they are not a workable or healthy long term solution. If you are sick of dieting and feeling guilty and frustrated then this approach is highly recommended.
7What if I'm not happy with the service?
We pride ourselves on giving you the most satisfaction possible out of an appointment. It is important that you are clear on what you want to get out of an appointment and we encourage you to let us know at the beginning of a session. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied please let us know and we will consider if it is appropriate to discount your fee.
8What if I have to cancel an appointment?
Body Warfare Nutrition does have a cancellation policy so we ask that if you need to cancel an appointment you do so with 24 hours’ notice or you may be asked to pay the full cost of the appointment. You will be given a reminder call the day prior to your appointment. If you are unwell or unable to attend on the day please text Lisa 0413 956 107 to let us know you will be unable to attend or call 1300 725 806 in office hours.
9Can I get support outside my appointment?
If you have any concerns or questions you can email and receive an answer to your question. If you are interested in receiving nutrition tips, motivation for weight loss and expert knowledge and commentary on current nutrition issues you can sign up to receive the fortnightly newsletter from the website


Contact us today to find out more or lock in an appointment and kickstart your new, healthy lifestyle.

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